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Hurricane damage in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Ike in 2008

Hurricane Damage



Hurricane damage to your home or business may seem irrecoverable. Our experts will be there on-site for you to evaluate the full scope of property damage and business interruption to prepare and negotiate a claim that will get you the maximum settlement to fully recover.

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In the wake of such devastation, our adjusters are there for you as advocates and guides, responsible for managing your hurricane damage claim as you focus on the next critical steps of recovery.

There are key factors to consider when preparing a claim for hurricane damage, given that you may be dealing with multiple causes of damage such as windstorm, water, and flood damages that are often covered by different insurance policies and handled by different adjusters. This creates the wind vs. water controversies that fill our courtrooms following hurricane events. Why?

The primary reason is that property insurance contracts that do cover windstorms normally exclude the peril of flood, and flood policies cover flood but not the peril of windstorm. So, what happens when a hurricane damages properties, especially near our coastlines? Often times, the windstorm carriers and the flood carriers point fingers at each other, and leave you, the policyholder, caught in the middle. Our experience is if you have a loss from wind and flood you need to be prepared to prove which caused what part of your damage. Note that the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), part of FEMA, underwrites the flood policies. How does one sort out this controversy? The public adjusters at the Claim Warriors frequently become part of this equation to assist policyholders in sorting out what is wind and what is flood. Without a proper grasp on this situation and a thorough understanding of your insurance policies, you can be at a disadvantage and not receive what you truly need to restore your property and business.

As you begin to make decisions to maintain and restore your property, a crucial decision can be to hire a public adjuster immediately to prepare and manage your claim. As insurance professionals highly experienced in hurricane damage claims, we level the playing field when dealing with your insurance company. We guide you and advocate on your behalf as we evaluate and document your damage in detail to negotiate a claim for the maximum amount.

Contact the Claim Warriors today to start the process of a proper and equitable recovery to your hurricane damage claim.

Contact a public adjuster from the Claim Warriors if you have a question or would like a free consultation about your hurricane damage insurance claim or call (833) 633-6639.


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